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Legalese Attorney Service, was given its name by the founder of Legalese, Jeffrey L. Schuitema, in 1978. With an education and bachelor’s degree out of a prominent Catholic College in his home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jeff made his way to Sacramento, California to move on to law school at McGeorge School of Law.

In Jeff’s Senior Year at McGeorge he began serving legal documents on his motorcycle and that’s when Legalese was born. His idea was to put ease to the minds of attorneys, administrative legal staff and his fellow attorney services nationwide. Legalese continues to provide the same quality, personable attorney services allowing you to put your mind at ease.

Legalese Attorney Service, LLC provides exceptional litigation support to the legal, business and consumer communities throughout greater Sacramento and the State of California. Attorneys and their legal support staff find attorney services are better outsourced than done in-house due to the intermittent need of the services. Legalese Attorney Service, LLC is intentionally maintained as a mid-sized company in-an-effort to provide specialized, experienced, personalized service rather than try to run a high-volume monolith seeking to drive out all competition. We’ve spent decades building an unparalleled reputation of excellence in the California legal system.

Our staff of court runners, process servers and administrative staff are employed directly by Legalese which allows Legalese to provide our clients with an accountable, efficient, reliable, continuously educated and well-trained staff. You can put your mind at ease and trust that Legalese will get the job done.

We Make Sense of Legal Jargon

Legalese history dates to 1066 with French origins and Latin influences. Legalese was the writing and terminology of law understood by only those who practiced law or were educated in legal writings. In modern times we use layman’s terms in legal writing. However, the legal process can still be overwhelming and troublesome.

Legalese is here to take the frustration out of the administrative side of legal proceedings.

Location Location Location

Legalese is centrally located in Midtown-East Sacramento. Being located in the middle of our three main superior courthouses allows us to get your services completed timely, whether, filing at Sacramento Civil/Criminal, Family/Probate, or Small Claims/UD.   Sacramento Superior Civil Courthouse, Law & Motion, Appeals Court, and USDC/USBC . Legalese’s prime location has quick and easy access to all freeways allowing us to get the job done in the final hour.


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