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Document Retreival

Corporate Records Search & Certified Public Records Retrieval

We can order copies of specific public records documents of copies of the “entire file” which would normally include the initial filing, any amendments or mergers that have been filed as well as the annual statements.

Please indicate if copies are to be CERTIFIED. Unless certified copies are requested, plain copies will be obtained. Certificates of status, good standing, suspension, and non-filing are also available.  Please indicate whether you requesting Public Records or Corporate Records.

The average turnaround time for a Corporate Records Search & Certified Public Records Retrieval request is about 4-6 working days. Because of the volume of requests we bring in, the Secretary of State will not process any requests same-day or while we wait. Attorney service is strictly limited to dropping off and picking up when ready.

California Secretary of State | Sacramento County Recorder | Sacramento Superior Court




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