Process Server

Whenever someone files a lawsuit against another party, they must then provide formal notice of the pending legal action to that person, who is commonly referred to as the defendant. Doing so affords the other person involved in the suit to respond to the claims against them when they go before the court. This notice is...

All You Need to Know about Process Service

Process service refers to the procedure by which a party provides an appropriate notice of legal action to another party, administrative body or court. The notice enables the defendant to respond to the proceedings before a court, tribunal or another administrative body. The legal notice is furnished by the delivery of documents, known as process,...

The Basics of Process Serving

Process serving is the most important part of any litigation. Process serving accomplishes three basic functions: it puts a party on notice that he is being sued civilly or charged with a crime, it tells the party who is suing him or gives a party notification as to what law enforcement agency is pressing criminal...