California Business Formation


Califronia Business Formation

California Business Formation

California Business Formation

Legalese Attorney Service, LLC. files and retrieves documents with California Secretary of State for Corporations, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Limited Partnership (LLP). Legalese Attorney Service, LLC will also research and file with the Uniform Commercial Code Division.  Contact our staff if you are new to this process.

The Corporation, and several other legal formations including the Limited Partnership (LP), and Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) are fundamental to business for tax, liability, and longetivity reasons. In order to form such legal entities in California, the proscribed documentation must be drawn up and approved for legal status by the Office of the Secretary of State. Attorneys, accountants, and those in other professions need to form, modify, and dissolve these legal entities as a matter of business. As businesses grow or change, it is sometimes desirable to modify the structure to maintain appropriate status in interfacing with the pertinent market. Also frequently, as businesses branch out, they are wise to form subsidiary entities that directly address the markets they serve.

The Legalese Difference with California Business Formation

Legalese Attorney Service offers personalized assistance with California Business Formation. We answer the phone. There are very large, very well-advertised incorporation companies that charge about three times more than we do. They justify their prices by providing extra stuff you don’t need. We have found that although first-time filers are impressed with corporate seals, binders, and pre-printed forms for minutes of boards of directors, frequent-filers learn that those things just go in a drawer. We used to offer online incorporation but found that most people who started it didn’t finish it without contacting us, because they had questions or because it was too impersonal.

Free Quote on California Business Formation Services

Let Legalese Attorney Service, LLC take the frustration out of incorporating your California business. We are located in the heart of Sacramento, CA. so you can get your California Business Formation filed quickly and simply – avoiding all the hassle.

IF YOUR PRIORITY IS: Time and Convenience (All Fees Included)

More expensive – 24 hour turnaround

  • Expedited filings:
    • LLC – Formations $540 / Non-Profit $495 / Amendments $495 / SOI’s $485 / Cancellations $465
    • Corps – Formations $575 / Non-Profit $495 / Amendments $495 / SOI’s $490 / Cancellations $480
    • Expedite Resubmit $425

Less expensive – longer turnaround time (processing times vary depending on the SOS)

  • Routine filings:
    • LLC – Formations $145 / Non-Profit $105 / Amendments $100 / SOI’s $75 / Cancellations $70
    • Corps – Formations $180 / Non-Profit $105 / Amendments $105 / SOI’s $80 / Cancellations $70
    • Routine Resubmit $55


Secretary of State Fees NOT included

  • Routine Filings $50
  • Record Retrieval/Apostille $50
  • Expedite Filings $75

If you email your information to, including your contact, we will reply with confirmation of your request and forward a credit card authorization form. This California Business Formation process only takes a few minutes. You will need to download the correct form from the Secretary of State’s website: Once you have completed the business entities form for filing you would email us the completed California Business Formation  entities form along with the completed credit card form. The turnaround time for routine filings vary from one week to one month. The processing times are affected by the volume on incoming filings and by significant worker cutbacks at the Secretary of State.

Please note that the Secretary of State does not offer “two-day, three-day, or one week” filing options. The filings are submitted on an expedited or routine counter filing requests.

Contact Legalese to learn more about our court research and filing services in the greater Sacramento area and get started with our experienced legal professionals.

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