California Business Formation


Califronia Business Formation

California Business Formation


Legalese Attorney Service, LLC, files business documents with California Secretary of State for Corporations, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Limited Partnerships (LP) and General Partnerships (GP). Legalese Attorney Service, LLC also researches and files with the Uniform Commercial Code Division.  

The formation of business entities of different forms such as; Corporations, (Inc.) Limited Partnerships (LP), and Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), General Partnerships (GP), are fundamental to businesses for tax, liability and longevity reasons. Attorneys, accountants and those in other professions need to form, modify, and dissolve legal entities as a matter of business. As businesses grow or change, it is sometimes desirable to modify the structure to maintain appropriate status in interfacing with the pertinent market. Also, frequently, as businesses branch out, they are wise to form subsidiary entities that directly address the markets they serve.

Legalese has been assisting attorneys and CPA’s for over 40 years. We have loyal long-standing clients who have relied and trusted in our services for decades. Their continued patronage and loyalty are proof – Legalese makes the difference.


Legalese Attorney Service offers personalized assistance with California Business Formations. We offer direct personal assistance in preparing your documents for submission. We also offer an all-inclusive filing service to better convenience our clients.

Legalese provides California Secretary of State services to attorneys and CPA’s assisting their clients in forming business entities, preparing corporate kits and keeping businesses up-to-date with their entity’s status. We, also, assist the general public in preparing business formations for submission with the California Secretary of State, however, Legalese does not prepare corporate kits or offer legal advice in the formation of your business entity. For legal advice or advice regarding the entity type that would be best-suit your practice, please consult with a corporate attorney or a CPA.

While there are very large, very well-advertised incorporation companies that charge about three times more than we do justifying their prices by providing extra stuff you may not need. Legalese understands that simplicity and cost are most valuable to the corporate world. We have found that although first-time filers are impressed with corporate seals, binders, and pre-printed forms for minutes of boards of directors – frequent-filers are most in need of a reliable, inexpensive and an experienced legal service to assist in business formations with the California Secretary of State.

Let Legalese Attorney Service, LLC take the frustration out of incorporating your California business. We are in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, minutes away from the California Secretary of State’s office, allowing Legalese to offer competitive rates with quality and dependable service. 


If time is of the essence, Legalese offers an all-inclusive filing service for routine and expedited filings. Our all-inclusive pricing includes fees payable to the Secretary of State and fees payable to Legalese for: preparation, processing, delivery, retrieval and return of the filing; via electronic return and return of original documents via the United States Postal Service.

Expedited Filings

24 hr/Same Day/4hr (Please see the California Secretary of State Website for requirements in processing 24hr, Same Day and Four-Hour filings) (Additional non-refundable fees and possible clearance required)

Routine Filings

7-10 Business Day Turn-Around (See California Secretary of State Website for current processing dates)

Formations, Amendments, Conversions, Dissolutions/Cancellations and Statements of Information

****Appostile, UCC and Records Request are processed on a routine basis only****    


Contact a Legalese Representative for our competitive flat-rate pricing on business filings by email at or for a more personable quote call (916) 453-2860.





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